Nordic silver has landed. It’s clean, simple, tactile poplar wood from sustainable sources – a bespoke veneer that conjures up visions of crisp Scandinavian winters, when you’re huddled up in front of the fire, hot chocolate in hand, and your favourite music playing.

A new, sustainable approach

We aren’t known for playing it safe. A blended-wood finish is new for us – and so is shaving trees like pencils. Huge sheets come off the trunks, then we mix-and-match, laminate and glue to create a unique grain pattern (more on that below).

We haven’t gone overboard with the lacquer, either. The wood was simply too beautiful. So, we left it almost completely natural – run your hand across it and you’ll feel the grain… and the craftsmanship.

Nordic Silver joins the existing premium Walnut Wood and Black High Gloss finishes in the Contour i  range.


What makes Nordic Silver different?

Nordic Silver is created using an innovative lamination process. Selected sustainable tree trunks are ‘unrolled’, almost like a pencil sharpener, to produce huge sheets of wood. These are then mixed-and-matched, laminated, glued and formed into what is essentially a new trunk.

This is then formed into a custom wood-grain pattern before being sliced once more into the sheets of veneer that are applied to the speaker cabinet. As Dynaudio Industrial Designer Marcus Abrahamsen explains:

“This process lets us specify exactly how we want the finish to look, without needing to use vinyl laminate or any printing techniques – it’s all real wood, from sustainable sources. And because of that, it’s more consistent between speakers while also retaining that unique organic look. It also means we aren’t as affected by variations between individual trees, within the wood itself, or by batches created at different times of the year.”


Contour i - Dedicated to detail

Leave Dynaudio engineers alone with a speaker and they’ll make it better. They can’t help themselves. And they love nothing more than improving a legend.

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Contour i - Available in three finishes

Nordic Silver

A simple, tactile engineered poplar wood finish from sustainable sources. It conjures up images of snowy Scandinavian winters, warm fires, hot chocolate… and long evenings listening to your favourites.

Nordic silver

Walnut Wood

Sumptuous open-grain, minimal lacquer and a warm, organic feel. Walnut Wood is designed to fit in with contemporary interior design trends – and to let people know you mean business with your speakers.


Black High Gloss

Deep, pristine and timeless. You might start off by catching your own reflection, but you'll stick around to admire this flawless mirror-like finish. It's classic Dynaudio quality.


Contour i reviews

It's gained legions of fans, its trophy shelf is groaning under the weight of awards, and many of us at Dynaudio even bought some ourselves. But don't just take our word for it. See what the reviewers think below.


"This latest Contour 20i version aims to build on solid foundations without altering the fundamentals of a great product. On the surface, little seems to have changed between the two generations of Contour 20s (…) start to look closer and the differences between the two emerge."

What Hi-Fi?


"I have had several smaller Dynaudio speakers at home, but none have played bigger or more impressively than the Contour 20i (…) it is quite some feat to get a compact speaker in this price range to communicate music in such an emotional, natural, light and totally uncoloured way."



"More than many a speaker that has graced the Barn, the Contour 60i sound rock solid, as if the sounds filling the volume of space were themselves physical things capable of pushing the furnishings around and rattling me to my core."

Twittering Machines


"I believe that the Contour 20i will prove to be a loudspeaker that the great majority of audiophiles could happily live with in the long run. It makes everything played through it sound good, whether it be after ten minutes of listening or ten hours."


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